Our Boxing Club Packs a Punch

Near West’s Boxing Program is a 20 week course taking place in the West Haven Community. The class has had up to 30 participants throughout the first half of the session.  It’s a combination between true grit, determination, and a wealth of fun which has the youth and staff at the Major Adams Community Center buzzing about this program.

 “I’m not coaching this boxing class to find the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. Characteristics such as mental discipline, self control, the overall skills of boxing, and the challenge my course presents are what motivates me to be here each week” says Coach Melvin.”

Boxing participant moves ahead to Golden Gloves

West Haven Boxing

Jailon’s boxing aspirations began here in West Haven.

Jailon is a champion of the boxing ring! He began his training with us three years ago. Now, he fights in Chicago’s Golden Gloves competitions and other matches around the city.

Jailon’s eye is certainly on the prize. His goal is to become a professional boxer one day, similar to his mentor—Coach Tiger. Of the former boxing pro, Jailon says: “Coach Tiger has taught me how to be more disciplined and control my anger. I used to get in trouble a lot at school but now I am doing better handling things.”

More than that…Jailon is now an assistant coach, working with the younger boxers to teach them what he’s learned!

It’s no surprise Jailon has come this far. He is a dedicated student to the art of boxing. He practices his moves at least four times per week. He never stops wanting to succeed. In the future, Jailon will compete in the upcoming Chicago Park District competition.