West Haven Giants

About the West Haven Giants and West Haven Diamonds

Near West’s baseball and softball programs currently serve over 25 boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17 years old. These programs enable underserved youth to participate in athletic, academic and life skill development activities during the summer. Moreover, the majority of youth in the program attend low performing schools with little access to extracurricular activities. Our baseball and softball program keeps youth occupied during periods of high violence.

Additionally, our baseball program provides a safe space for youth to be physically active while working together as a team. Activities include practices, games, field trips, workshops and regional competitions throughout the season. While the program provides technical skill-building and conditioning, the curriculum also emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles which encompasses eating habits, alcohol and drug prevention, and mental/physical fitness.


After 40 years of underutilization, Near West played host to a Pitch, Hit and Run competition in 2007 at Touhy-Herbert Park. The event was such a success that two baseball teams were formed to accommodate for over 30 participants. These baseball teams began what is now known and the West Haven Giants. Many assume we created a basketball program first, but it’s a little known fact that our baseball teams were actually Near West’s first program we developed for our underserved youth.

When our team finished out their first year at 0-19, it didn’t sit well with the kids and they knew they could better. In 2008 the West Haven Giants went 8-11 for a significant improvement, but in 2009 they really turned a corner and made the playoffs for the first time. Our team hasn’t looked back since and they West Haven Giants have consistently been competitive and have reached the playoffs.

Our crowning achievement came in 2013 when the West Haven Giants won the championship game!

Sponsorship Opportunities

West Haven GiantsPresently Near West is seeking sponsorship funding in support of the West Haven Giants and the West Haven Diamonds through this special opportunity. We are offering the naming rights to the baseball’s scoreboard for a five year period. This is effectively 24/7 advertising throughout our community for a guaranteed 1,825 days in Touhy-Herbert Park. Sponsorship includes the purchase and installation of the sign with the sponsor’s desired business logo and name. For further information and rates, please contact Mike Quinlan at (312) 738-2280 or mquinlan@nearwestsidecdc.org. Sponsorship money will go towards the cost of uniforms, materials and transportation to keep these teams up and running.